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The Nanosonics sponsored educational webinar was a huge success.  

Recent research and regulator alerts in ultrasound reprocessing have shown increased infection risk from improperly reprocessed semi-critical and critical ultrasound probes. Ultrasound reprocessing challenges include difficult to kill organisms like HPV, probe cover leakage and ultrasound probe handle disinfection. The expansion of semi-critical and critical ultrasound probe use throughout hospital departments in a growing number of procedures highlights the importance of proper probe reprocessing to ensure patient safety.
This session will examine Canadian ultrasound reprocessing guidelines and standards including those from the Canada Standards Association. International consensus on the high level disinfection (HLD) of semi-critical ultrasound probes will be reviewed. Implementation of reprocessing workflows will also be discussed, including key considerations for cleaning, disinfection, storage, traceability, staff training and collaboration – together we can work toward a standard of care for our patients.
Learning Objectives
  • Review current ultrasound reprocessing guidelines in Canada and their clinical application
  • Understand the risks associated with inadequate infection control practices in ultrasound
  • Gain awareness of new research, global trends in ultrasound probe reprocessing
  • Identify the practical considerations for implementation of ultrasound reprocessing workflows